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Vin Coverage

One of our biggest expenses can be our CARS!

  • Don’t let an unexpected Car Breakdown cost you hundreds or thousands of Dollars
  • One Hour of Mechanic Labor costs $80 – $150/hr. (and that’s before expensive Parts!)
  • Electronics, Computers and Check Engine Light Covered on most plans
  • All Plans underwritten by AM Best A Rated Underwriter
  • 5 Star Tech Choice is your advocate – Let us verify your Mechanics estimate for FREE!

Choose the ONLY Vehicle Repair Coverage that:

  • Includes Towing, Rental Car and Roadside Assistance Benefits for all Coverage Levels
  • Requires no Credit Check
  • Does not require a $2,000 – $5,000 Pre-Payment or Financial Commitment
  • Never expires, even after 200,000 miles! Coverage Level continues for as long as you own your Car
  • Is underwritten by an AM Best A Rated Underwriter
  • Allows you to see and review your Coverage in writing before collecting a payment

What to Expect:

  1. You will receive your Vehicle Service Contract Policy in US Mail within 14 days
  2. Via EMAIL, you will receive your login information to immediately access your coverage details
  3. Once processed (within 1 Business Day), via the online portal, you will be able to immediately print your
    Verification of Coverage Card

Please Enter your 17-Digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):

Most Comprehensive, must be 2008 or newer, under 60,000 Miles

Covers repairs on all assemblies and parts on Your Vehicle with the exception of those specific wear and tear items listed in the Ultimate contract at


Don’t wait for your Car to break down or your Check Engine light to

Why activate today?

The Coverage Levels available for your car change as you your mileage increases. Once locked in, you keep your coverage level forever by making your monthly payment.

Disclaimer: The use of the term “Auto Warranty” refers to Vehicle Repair Protection Plans properly defined as “Vehicle Service Contracts”. These Vehicle Service Contracts are commonly referred to as “Extended Auto Warranties” but are privately issued by the company listed in your Vehicle Service Contract and are not affiliated with the Manufacturer (“Make”) of your vehicle. 5 Star Auto Protection works only with reputable service contract underwriters as shown on the Coverages page of this website. All claims should be submitted to the underwriting company.


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