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Coverage Information

Over 200 Components of your Vehicle and their parts, seals & gaskets are Covered!

Covers repairs on all assemblies and parts on Your Vehicle with the exception of those specific wear and tear items listed in the Ultimate contract, such as Brake Pads, Paint and Upholstery.
– Engine, including the Timing Belt and other belts
– Transmission, Suspension, Transfer Case & Drive Axles, including UV Joints and Differentials
– Air conditioning & Heating including the Compressor, Heating Coil and leaks
– Steering, Cooling & Fuel System
– Brake System including Calipers, but not the pads
– Electrical, including everything from Engine Components such as Alternators and Starters to Interior Electrical
components such as Power Windows, Power Locks, Computers, Power Sunroofs and the expensive actuators
that connect power locks & windows to your car’s computers.
– Leaking Seals & Gaskets

All repair coverages are underwritten by EFG TechChoice,
an AM-BEST A-Rated Insurer since 1977

All Service Contracts include:
– Direct Payment to your Mechanic or Dealer
– Towing, Roadside Assistance, Rental Car
– Tire Coverage (Road Hazard Coverage)


Don’t wait for your Car to break down or your Check Engine light to come on…Activate Now!

Why activate today? The Coverage Levels available for your car change as you your mileage increases. Once locked in, you keep your coverage level forever by making your monthly payment.

Disclaimer: The use of the term “Auto Warranty” refers to Vehicle Repair Protection Plans properly defined as “Vehicle Service Contracts”. These Vehicle Service Contracts are commonly referred to as “Extended Auto Warranties” but are privately issued by the company listed in your Vehicle Service Contract and are not affiliated with the Manufacturer (“Make”) of your vehicle. 5 Star Auto Protection works only with reputable service contract underwriters as shown on the Coverages page of this website. All claims should be submitted to the underwriting company.