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What kind of coverage options do you offer?

We offer a variety of coverage levels and repair plans. In addition to the month-to-month coverage we offer online, we also offer traditional 2-5 year plans via the phone. Please see the Coverages page of this website for more information or call us by phone. Our best coverage is almost identical to most extended auto warranties, and in some instances even better than your original bumper-to-bumper manufacturer warranty. We believe that our customers deserve only the best. In fact, we don’t understand why you would want to buy a product that will cover your engine but not your AC unit; that might cover your transmission, but not your brake caliper or your drive axle.
Imagine a health insurance policy that covers you when you break your leg but does not cover stitches after you cut your finger, which is way more likely. We don’t want you to be surprised when you file a claim. This is the reason we spell out exactly what is covered and what is not covered. In fact, we wish you luck to find this information when you research our competitors.

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