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What is covered?

A lot of stuff is covered. You can go to our link below and see the full list of parts and labor that are covered. Here’s a list of items that we cover and are usually not covered by our competitors.

  • Labor—100% of labor is included on covered repairs. And if it costs more in the state you live, we still cover 100% of it.
  • Luxury Electronics—you know, like your sunroof, your DVD player, and those not-terribly-necessary-but-oh-so-lovely seat heaters. Yeah, we cover it.
  • All parts related to emissions are covered.
  • Trip Interruption—If your trip is interrupted due to mechanical issues, we will pitch in a few bucks towards meals and lodging.

And of course we cover the biggies, including engine, transmission, etc.
Full list of what is covered.

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